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New Zealand’s traditional rough sawn 25mm fence palings.  Ideally used as a straight forward solution to complete the look of your landscaping, securing your property or just defining your boundary.

H3.2 treated for the outdoors, they can be used to enhance your property, quickly adding something unique.  Our natural timber palings can be painted, stained or left to weather naturally over time.

All Pukepine rough sawn fencing is supplied as Treated Wet so we recommend following our Air Seasoning guide prior to installation to achieve best results once installed.  Treated Wet products potentially shrink as they dry.  Always build within building authority guidelines and specifications.

Rough Sawn Palings are 150 x 25mm and come in a selection of lengths; 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, and 2.4m.

Rough Sawn Rails are 100 x 50mm and come in 4.8m lengths.

Premium Shiplap Palings come in 150 x 25mm and either 1.8m or 2.4m.

Standard Shiplap Palings may include some defects however these defects must not compromise more than a third of the cross section along the length of the board.  They come in the same size and lengths as the Premium Shiplap Palings.

A well designed and crafted deck is a welcome addition to any home.  Here at Pukepine we take pride in producing a range of kiwi classic decking profiles to the highest standards.

Complimenting our decking we produce premium grade balustrades that not only provide safety and security they also enhance your deck area.  All our decking and balustrade are treated to H3.2 treatment level ensuring your investment has the best possible protection.

For best possible results when installing we recommend air seasoning before installing.

Care and Maintenance of your timber fence


Depending on how you have finished your fence and/or if it is subject to heavy mould growth and dirt build up you could use warm soapy water (household detergent).

Washing down

A pressure washer is the best tool for the job.  Pressure washers deliver a concentrated blast of water – so don’t overdo it.


Drive any protruding nails flush with the surface of the board or replace them with the appropriate screws.  Repair or replace boards that are badly deteriorated.

Finished look

You can leave it to naturally weather, which means over time the timber will go grey or refinish it with a fence stain, paint or clear sealer.

Your deck and the environment

Timber decks are generally exposed to various natural elements therefore weathering effects will occur in your deck.  Timber responses such as cracking, shrinkage and cupping may be noticed over time.  The main causes of this are the movement of moisture into and out of the timber and the effects of sunlight on a regular basis.  This does not reflect a fault in the product just a natural response to the environment.

If decking is installed while wet there may be size variations between boards expecially noticeable when butting ends together, this is a function of the timber responding to the moisture and swelling accordingly.

We recommend using quality decking fasteners such as 12 gauge decking screws and consideration given to applying an oil based decking preservative to aid in water repelling.


Pukepine fencing products are produced and treated in line with the requirements of NZS 3602:2003 to provide the required 15 year durability standard.

Feature and Benefits

  • Traditional Dimensions
  • Convenient Packet Size
  • Supplied Through Merchants Across The North Island
  • Premium Shiplap Paling Option For Upmarket Fences


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