For a classic look and feel of traditional painted fences, choose Primewood

Primewood Fencing

Primewood Fencing helps turn your Outdoor dreams into reality.

Many homeowners appreciate the classic look and feel of traditional painted wood fence. Primewood fences add that traditional touch to a home, as well as providing privacy and security.

A solid privacy fence using the Shiplap or TGV profiles will add an extra touch of solitude to a home. This type of fence can also protect against harsh winds and distracting street noise.



Tongue and Groove Paling H3.1
140 x 18 x 1800 mm

Shiplap Paling H3.1
140 x 18 x 1800 mm


Top Rail H3.1
90 x 42 x 5400 mm

Middle Rail H3.1
90 x 38 x 5400 mm

Looking for rough sawn fencing products?

Bottom Rail H3.1
90 x 42 x 5400 mm


Installation and Painting recommendations for Primewood fencing

All components are manufactured from H3.1 treated finger-jointed radiata pine and have been factory primed with an alkyd (oil based) primer. Posts and post capping are not part of the Primewood fencing solution and need to be purchased separately. However we recommend 90 x 90 or 112 x 112 H5 gauged posts to complete the premium look of your fence. Once the fence has been installed we recommend the paint finishing be completed with a minimum of two premium exterior top coats at an LRV of 45 or higher.


Preserved wood may be disposed of in landfills, or burned in commercial or industrial incinerators or boilers, in accordance with local council rules and regulations.

Guidelines to assist with maximising the lifespan of your Primewood fence

  1. Bottom rail needs to be installed with suitable ground clearance to ensure surface water and soil is not in contact with rail.
  2. If possible we recommend painting the bottom rail with a top coat before installing as proximity to the ground can make this difficult once in place.
  3. Prime all cut ends and any exposed timber with a premium timber alkyd primer prior to installation.
  4. All nail and screw holes should be filled with a suitable wood filler as soon as possible after creation to avoid unnecessary moisture ingress.
  5. Before painting clean down fence to remove dirt and surface contaminates. All initial coating and subsequent maintenance is to be done in accordance with the paint manufacturers instructions.

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